Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Housewives Tarot - The Magician

This is the first time where I don't see the Magician in a positive light, and it's because of the deck. I see a dubious character who has false promises by calling on all his skills to be persuasive; perhaps he is teaching us to make light of all situations and to use all available resources. CAUTION is important here.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Housewives Tarot - The Tower

I see a false sense of security. Confusion with too many choices leading to indecision. Options need to be evaluated to streamline and make things easier. Whilst these changes are necessary for long sterm stability it may take a while to realise action must be taken because you are living with abundance which is giving a false sense of security (because it will collapse, and shortly)

Monday, October 25, 2010

I thought I would share my daily “spiritual” ritual. I must admit, I don’t practice it all the time because this is all new to me and sometimes I have a real bad day (although these are very scarce). I also have my routine easily accessible in my diary so I can regularly remind myself. Whilst this is my “ritual”, I did not invent it but rather I “copied and pasted” bits and pieces from different inspirational people including :-
• Kathryn Hegarty; she wrote an article which made a lot of sense to me, and changed my way of thinking “13 steps to living authentically”;
• Shann’s “Create More Peace in Your Life” which is again another “ah-ha” moment in my life
• Elizabeth Lesser’s “Broken Open”

Daily Routine
Breathe deeply for five minutes per day
Practice silence by meditating (any amount of time is good)
Enjoy nature as it is really so special
Practice being kind and gentle with everyone
Smile at everyone you meet
Let go of excess baggage, don’t hold grudges
Practice a daily act of kindness to someone worse off
Be grateful every day for something

Important to Note
Pay attention to life – it’s speaking to you
Look for messages in every problem – what are you here to teach or to learn?
Learn - read more and learn something new each week
Joy spotting – notice every little moment that fills you with joy
Be aware of your self talk – it’s just as harmful as tongue talk

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Housewives Tarot - Devil / Moon

Devil -
Temptation is all around - practice self control as it may not seem as it is. Is it really good for you or a quick fix? It could all be a marketing ploy to get you in. You are in control - make use of it.
Moon -
Dreaming and intuition. Make the most of your dreams as it can be a creative and productive process. This is the time when mind talk stops, as it does in meditation, and clarity and intuitiveness prevails. However exercise caution as you may be exposed to uncertain elements (i.e. no sheets or blankets).

Housewives Tarot - Hierophant / Death

Hierophant -

Many people are willing to offer advice, listen but you are the one who must live by your decision (adjust the set for clarity). If one person is offering the advice, do as above but do not worship or take the advice for granted.
Death -
Check the expiry date - something needs to change or you will rot. Start anew - a fresh beginning is a positive step.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Housewives Tarot - 2 Cups / 6 Pentacles

This is such a fun, whimsical deck.

Two Cups -
The journey of two people - don't take advantage of this relationship, whether friendship or sexual, but remain balanced. Don't abuse it, don't let the wine get to your head.
6 Pentacles -
Offerings of nice things which are welcome in times of belt-tightening. Don't forget others may have been through similar circumstances, so share when and where you can.

Deviant Moon

I started "playing" with my Deviant Moon deck; I quite like the obscurity of it.
The Tower -
Changes from the result of destruction or fragility which can be minor or major. Longstanding foundations are starting to crumble - now is the time to assess the situation, act and implement change(s) and accept this.
The Hanging Man -
Suspended in life- hanging in balance and life stands still. This could be a result of letting go and not hiding anymore, or behind anything. Analyse yourself, and let go of old self and any materialism that followed, ready for the new journey.