Monday, October 25, 2010

I thought I would share my daily “spiritual” ritual. I must admit, I don’t practice it all the time because this is all new to me and sometimes I have a real bad day (although these are very scarce). I also have my routine easily accessible in my diary so I can regularly remind myself. Whilst this is my “ritual”, I did not invent it but rather I “copied and pasted” bits and pieces from different inspirational people including :-
• Kathryn Hegarty; she wrote an article which made a lot of sense to me, and changed my way of thinking “13 steps to living authentically”;
• Shann’s “Create More Peace in Your Life” which is again another “ah-ha” moment in my life
• Elizabeth Lesser’s “Broken Open”

Daily Routine
Breathe deeply for five minutes per day
Practice silence by meditating (any amount of time is good)
Enjoy nature as it is really so special
Practice being kind and gentle with everyone
Smile at everyone you meet
Let go of excess baggage, don’t hold grudges
Practice a daily act of kindness to someone worse off
Be grateful every day for something

Important to Note
Pay attention to life – it’s speaking to you
Look for messages in every problem – what are you here to teach or to learn?
Learn - read more and learn something new each week
Joy spotting – notice every little moment that fills you with joy
Be aware of your self talk – it’s just as harmful as tongue talk

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Housewives Tarot - Devil / Moon

Devil -
Temptation is all around - practice self control as it may not seem as it is. Is it really good for you or a quick fix? It could all be a marketing ploy to get you in. You are in control - make use of it.
Moon -
Dreaming and intuition. Make the most of your dreams as it can be a creative and productive process. This is the time when mind talk stops, as it does in meditation, and clarity and intuitiveness prevails. However exercise caution as you may be exposed to uncertain elements (i.e. no sheets or blankets).

Housewives Tarot - Hierophant / Death

Hierophant -

Many people are willing to offer advice, listen but you are the one who must live by your decision (adjust the set for clarity). If one person is offering the advice, do as above but do not worship or take the advice for granted.
Death -
Check the expiry date - something needs to change or you will rot. Start anew - a fresh beginning is a positive step.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Housewives Tarot - 2 Cups / 6 Pentacles

This is such a fun, whimsical deck.

Two Cups -
The journey of two people - don't take advantage of this relationship, whether friendship or sexual, but remain balanced. Don't abuse it, don't let the wine get to your head.
6 Pentacles -
Offerings of nice things which are welcome in times of belt-tightening. Don't forget others may have been through similar circumstances, so share when and where you can.

Deviant Moon

I started "playing" with my Deviant Moon deck; I quite like the obscurity of it.
The Tower -
Changes from the result of destruction or fragility which can be minor or major. Longstanding foundations are starting to crumble - now is the time to assess the situation, act and implement change(s) and accept this.
The Hanging Man -
Suspended in life- hanging in balance and life stands still. This could be a result of letting go and not hiding anymore, or behind anything. Analyse yourself, and let go of old self and any materialism that followed, ready for the new journey.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Housewives Tarot - The Fool

I purchased a new tarot deck - the Housewives Tarot. It is just awesome. It reminds me so much of growing up, when my mum was around. All the cards have retro artwork.
Anyhow, let's start at the beginning with The Fool.This is a new journey by turfing out the old stuff to make way for the new and life's new challenges. It may also mean getting rid of materialistic things, preparing for spiritual awakening. With this journey comes a little confusion at the onset (as the accompanying book notes, just check out the outfit which doesn't match), but with time and resources things will all fall in to place. Gathyering as much as you can, including surplus stock, to make your journey. It is almost a game to you and perhaps you're not putting the necessary thought into it. You are even being rather careless in your movement.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Canoe

Wow, you are focused; your mind is set and you are on your way. However this can possibly be viewed as pigheadedness (particularly in a relationship where you may feel like running away from a relationship). If you aren't focused on the goal or issue, you certainly need to be and this card is telling you this. The issues/goals on your mind are possibly emotional or feeling in nature (evident by the water); remember you are balanced in your decision making and have the knowledge to go ahead and chase it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guardian of Earth

Reaping life's benefits at midlife. All the time and effort put into developing resources has resulted in good health, wealth and spiritual wellbeing; fruition has come at last. Now is the time to look after one's health and body, and appreciate the quality of life.

7 Earth /Pentacles

Sound judgement in earthly affairs with a new begining after some serious contemplation. The achievement as a result of the choice will be slow moving/long term plan but the deicsion will be the right one, and you will be at peace with it and its rewards. A reminder to be patient, admire what has been achieved to date.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Magician

WOW! You have all this energy oozing from you. Believe and it will all fall in to place. You have everything at your hands, all the elements needed to achieve whatever you want. Setting off on life's journey, equipped with everything you need - your potential is unlimited.

3 Earth/Pentacles

To be productive by working in harmony together. Abundance occurs by working co-operatively; don't rely on yourself but enlist others and success will occur. The success won't be instant but a result of hard work, carefully measuring and blending all the necessary ingredients to reach the conclusion. Friendship and just hanging out with friends, discussing many things.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Elder of Air/King Swords

Daydreaming is important, however so is schooling and learning. The revelation (clouds) and ability to find solutions appear once all the fog has disappeared but exercise fairness in decision making and less rashness. Problems which refuse to be solved may just simply solve themselves. The card can also refer to an Aquarius person.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living Authentically

I always thought I was on the right spiritual path - you know what I mean, the ambiance was right. I had the incense, the music, the salt lamp but something was missing. And then in 2006 I read an article by Kathryn Hegarty "The Blessing of Becoming Real" and the "ah-ha" bell furiously rang. I was not living authentically and in the article Kathryn listed the steps to achieve this :-
  • practice deep breathing
  • practice silence
  • personal development
  • meditation
  • get back to nature
  • be kind and gentle
  • stop criticising
  • meet people's eye and smile
  • care for your self deeply
  • gently and lovingly speak the truth
  • see a counsellor if necessary
  • keep a gratitude diary
  • practice forgiveness.

I did write to Kathryn and told her how much her article changed my life - thank you Kathryn.

Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Fire/Rods

Whilst I am using the Gaian book to help me through this process, the following is mostly my interpretation of the card which is clearly visible to me.
The picture depicts a forest on fire with smoke.
This card is transformation of new self, possibly burnout from too many commitments and need to turf some of these commitments; really, why do you need to be involved in so many activities, or activities that are time consuming and time intensive - who are you trying to please? Something will be destroyed/cease but something better will occur/rebuild/regenerate (possibly creativity based); the card is an ending to something however there is a new beginning to occur once the old is removed. It is important to release your energy, passion and/or growth in order to move on.

I would be interested in hearing what people think "fire" symbolises.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recently I received a new Tarot deck - GAIAN. WOW. I am in total awe, the deck is just amazing. I am starting this journey with the first card - the Seeker.

Stepping into a journey ahead, not necessarily a smooth one but it may involve a windy road to reach the conclusion which will be a worthwhile one. Any change can be a positive thing. Consider the heights you must climb to get where you want to (mountains). The journey can result in a new future whether it be with someone or work. It can lead to a sense of freedom but it is a journey which needs to be taken (and wants to be taken). It is important however not to jump in to it, and do your homework first, be prepared and there should be no unwanted surprises.

I'm not very good with symbols however the butterfly represents to me a new freedom, bluebirds of happiness, and a fox for caution and being cunning and agile.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I did a three card reading today, based on a lovely spread by Marina. The spread is based on :-

1. What is my blessing for today?
2. What is my challenge for today?
3. What is my mission for today?

The three cards are :-

9 Rods

This signifies contemplation but not totally letting go, changes will occur.
The Tower

This card signifies sudden changes or breakdowns, with possible deceptions.

Knight of Swords

Action with sometimes not thinking it through, possibly disrupting the status quo.

What happened today. Let's backtrack to yesterday. I am a passionate and loyal Rugby League follower, my team being Melbourne Storm. It was revealed yesterday the management of the Club lied and are basically, frauds. The Club was stripped of two Premierships and three minor Premierships won over the last five years.
1. The reading tells me I need to reassess my belief in the Club; whilst it is a catastrophe it is also a good finding that this misdemeanour has been dug up. I will remain loyal to the Club, because all the wrong-doings and bad rubbish has been removed. If the Club continues, we can move forward as a better and stronger Club.
2. Many changes will occur, including weeding out of the corrupt employees/players. Deceit can not go on forever so this change will be for the benefit of the Club and Rugby League in Australia.
3. Action speaks louder than words. I am full of conviction and will continue to support the goodness that follows.

Hanson and Roberts Deck - First three cards

I am studying the Hanson and Roberts deck as part of a year long adventure with the Aecletic Tarot Forum. Out of all my tarot cards (and I have a few decks), this is the one I have the most affinity with, at the moment.

The first three cards are :-

The Fool

I see innocence, yet confidence (the face portrays self awareness), the beginning of a journey and/or steppig out in to a new future, taking on life's journey. It may not be an easy task but patience is a virtue.

The Magician

I struggled with this card. There is definitely some sort of power within, using one's resources or capabilities to complete a task, and being self reliant

High Priestess

This is a psychic card, using knowledge of good and evil to make decisions. Wisdom is evident and intuition called upon, with communicating wit the deep inner self.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOW Factor

I can't remember the last time I read something and felt WOW. Please go to this amazing website and read the article on Creating more Peace. I have made a promise to myself to practice this regularly.

Dalai Lama

My first post in this journey has to be special. One of the highlights in my varied life is the last time I saw the Dalai Lama in Melbourne 2007. As I was walking out of the venue the Dalai Lama was driven out of the venue in a vehicle, and he was probably 2 foot away, albeit behind the security of his car. In any event, myself and another person (whom I didn't know) were walking out together and stopped for the Dalai Lama and he "namaste'd" both of us. When the vehicle had gone , the two of us just looked in awe at each other and talked about how close we were to the Leader and on the blessing that was so unexpected.