Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanson and Roberts Deck - First three cards

I am studying the Hanson and Roberts deck as part of a year long adventure with the Aecletic Tarot Forum. Out of all my tarot cards (and I have a few decks), this is the one I have the most affinity with, at the moment.

The first three cards are :-

The Fool

I see innocence, yet confidence (the face portrays self awareness), the beginning of a journey and/or steppig out in to a new future, taking on life's journey. It may not be an easy task but patience is a virtue.

The Magician

I struggled with this card. There is definitely some sort of power within, using one's resources or capabilities to complete a task, and being self reliant

High Priestess

This is a psychic card, using knowledge of good and evil to make decisions. Wisdom is evident and intuition called upon, with communicating wit the deep inner self.

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