Thursday, April 22, 2010

I did a three card reading today, based on a lovely spread by Marina. The spread is based on :-

1. What is my blessing for today?
2. What is my challenge for today?
3. What is my mission for today?

The three cards are :-

9 Rods

This signifies contemplation but not totally letting go, changes will occur.
The Tower

This card signifies sudden changes or breakdowns, with possible deceptions.

Knight of Swords

Action with sometimes not thinking it through, possibly disrupting the status quo.

What happened today. Let's backtrack to yesterday. I am a passionate and loyal Rugby League follower, my team being Melbourne Storm. It was revealed yesterday the management of the Club lied and are basically, frauds. The Club was stripped of two Premierships and three minor Premierships won over the last five years.
1. The reading tells me I need to reassess my belief in the Club; whilst it is a catastrophe it is also a good finding that this misdemeanour has been dug up. I will remain loyal to the Club, because all the wrong-doings and bad rubbish has been removed. If the Club continues, we can move forward as a better and stronger Club.
2. Many changes will occur, including weeding out of the corrupt employees/players. Deceit can not go on forever so this change will be for the benefit of the Club and Rugby League in Australia.
3. Action speaks louder than words. I am full of conviction and will continue to support the goodness that follows.

Hanson and Roberts Deck - First three cards

I am studying the Hanson and Roberts deck as part of a year long adventure with the Aecletic Tarot Forum. Out of all my tarot cards (and I have a few decks), this is the one I have the most affinity with, at the moment.

The first three cards are :-

The Fool

I see innocence, yet confidence (the face portrays self awareness), the beginning of a journey and/or steppig out in to a new future, taking on life's journey. It may not be an easy task but patience is a virtue.

The Magician

I struggled with this card. There is definitely some sort of power within, using one's resources or capabilities to complete a task, and being self reliant

High Priestess

This is a psychic card, using knowledge of good and evil to make decisions. Wisdom is evident and intuition called upon, with communicating wit the deep inner self.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOW Factor

I can't remember the last time I read something and felt WOW. Please go to this amazing website and read the article on Creating more Peace. I have made a promise to myself to practice this regularly.

Dalai Lama

My first post in this journey has to be special. One of the highlights in my varied life is the last time I saw the Dalai Lama in Melbourne 2007. As I was walking out of the venue the Dalai Lama was driven out of the venue in a vehicle, and he was probably 2 foot away, albeit behind the security of his car. In any event, myself and another person (whom I didn't know) were walking out together and stopped for the Dalai Lama and he "namaste'd" both of us. When the vehicle had gone , the two of us just looked in awe at each other and talked about how close we were to the Leader and on the blessing that was so unexpected.