Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living Authentically

I always thought I was on the right spiritual path - you know what I mean, the ambiance was right. I had the incense, the music, the salt lamp but something was missing. And then in 2006 I read an article by Kathryn Hegarty "The Blessing of Becoming Real" and the "ah-ha" bell furiously rang. I was not living authentically and in the article Kathryn listed the steps to achieve this :-
  • practice deep breathing
  • practice silence
  • personal development
  • meditation
  • get back to nature
  • be kind and gentle
  • stop criticising
  • meet people's eye and smile
  • care for your self deeply
  • gently and lovingly speak the truth
  • see a counsellor if necessary
  • keep a gratitude diary
  • practice forgiveness.

I did write to Kathryn and told her how much her article changed my life - thank you Kathryn.

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