Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Fire/Rods

Whilst I am using the Gaian book to help me through this process, the following is mostly my interpretation of the card which is clearly visible to me.
The picture depicts a forest on fire with smoke.
This card is transformation of new self, possibly burnout from too many commitments and need to turf some of these commitments; really, why do you need to be involved in so many activities, or activities that are time consuming and time intensive - who are you trying to please? Something will be destroyed/cease but something better will occur/rebuild/regenerate (possibly creativity based); the card is an ending to something however there is a new beginning to occur once the old is removed. It is important to release your energy, passion and/or growth in order to move on.

I would be interested in hearing what people think "fire" symbolises.

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  1. I think that you are going in the right direction with 'clearing out.' It's like spring cleaning... getting rid of that which is no longer needed? A time to 'burn' bridges no longer necessary to your journey?