Monday, June 21, 2010

The Canoe

Wow, you are focused; your mind is set and you are on your way. However this can possibly be viewed as pigheadedness (particularly in a relationship where you may feel like running away from a relationship). If you aren't focused on the goal or issue, you certainly need to be and this card is telling you this. The issues/goals on your mind are possibly emotional or feeling in nature (evident by the water); remember you are balanced in your decision making and have the knowledge to go ahead and chase it.


  1. I remember just from seeing the few cards that were listed at AT that I wanted this deck, but now, it's a must! Any card that has my Orca Spirit Guide on it, is a sign or something like that! Plus, that goes along with the what you said about it... "your mind is set." Now I just have to wait for the deck to come out in 2011. :)

    I do like how you looked at it from both sides of that so called coin.

  2. Fabulous card. Yep, this deck is right up there with the DruidCraft(which I'm currently in fascination with).

    I think they're similar in 'so many' ways.

    :) Leigh